Our Mission

Queens Preparatory Academy (QPA) is dedicated to providing its scholars with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum within a stable, respectful, and caring support network. QPA is a learning organization where scholars are held to high standards and high expectations. It is a community where scholars are known as individuals and nurtured to achieve academic success. Our scholars are actively engaged in inquiry, problem solving, and reflection with a special emphasis on the mathematics and science disciplines. Our mission is to ensure that all scholars acquire the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to succeed in a challenging college program.

Instructional Framework

The instruction at Queens Preparatory Academy is to promote a deeper conceptual understanding of content through inquiry and interactive instruction.

Project Based Learning

Teaching for Understanding

Scholars will participate in learning that is centered in big ideas with learning opportunities to analyze, evaluate, make connections, and construct generalizations. Scholars will tackle higher order thinking questions that lead them on in-depth paths of inquiry.

Intellectual Engagement

Scholars will engage in investigative tasks where they share and discuss ideas, formulate hypotheses, test conjectures, pose questions, and draw conclusions.

Rigor and Relevance

Scholars engage in high cognitive demand tasks that may involve real world situations and/or students’ personal experiences.

Assessment and Data

Each day, scholars will be formatively assessed by their teachers as well as themselves. They will participate in peer and self-review, evaluation, and reflection. Students in each course will work in conjunction with their teacher to set goals and benchmarks that will personalize and guide their learning.

Culture of High Expectations for Learning

Scholars practice habits of mind and thinking routines in their daily lessons that are deeply rooted in critically thinking and reasoning.

Literacy Across the Content Area

Scholars will be given opportunities to engage in meaningful evidence-based dialogues with their peers/adults and make connections through oral and written presentations in every course of study. In scholars will engage in extended analytical/reflective writing in all content areas.